Thursday, July 2, 2009

Graffiti bubble letter

Graffiti bubble letter I attach this deliberately in a printable bubble letter so that you have advanced in the making, especially to make bubble letter graffiti bubble letter can see making a difference with their own bubble letter graffiti bubble letter, because the graffiti bubble letter is difficult to make. Therefore, you should seek more information and practice to create graffiti bubble letter
Bubble letter we encountered the usual bubble letter in our collection. Play and try to create a bubble letter. Simpla bubble letter
Bubble letter was also made by experts of a bubble letter. If you want to see him work, you can download the letter bubble on the video. Other times I will take the video from youtube to learn together. View bubble letter that he made, is very different and interesting. From now on make your own bubble letter
Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Drawing simple bubble letters

Bubble letter in this capture of a video download from This is a picture of a man who taught how to make bubble letter with a very simple technique. Bubble generated letter also quite interesting for our review. See with this letter carefully bubble
Printable bubble letter with the letter "A" of the decoration of the decoration that I telalu excessive so tidka shows the letter "A" of the original. Printable bubble letter is suitable to write a diary in a book full of money interest. Select printable bubble letter this

Bubble letter this video teach techniques that differ from its postinga before. Memnuat bubble letter to the straight line and techniques ellipse. First we create a letter that we will bubble a letter with its straight course, and each line so that we have the form of ellipse aja bubble form letter in the letter. Then the last step to create bubble letter is to reinforce each ellipse margin with the bold and Marker draft we delete the bubble before the first letter we use a pencil. Finish, and create a safe bubble letter with the same video bubble letter

This video bubble letter I download from This video teach us the basic techniques in making bubble letter. Said that in writing in the video bubble letter is "LOVE". First, when we want to create a bubble letter, we create a single letter or a letter, then we form a new bubble letter in accordance with the framework, and given a little touch of the pencil. Pencils we use, we recommend a mechanical pencil with a spire, and complete with eraser. Enjoy the video bubble letter
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